who we are

We are Juan and Elona, companions in life for the last ten years. Together we have lived, studied and worked in six different countries across three continents. Experienced in intercultural communication, native speakers in English, Spanish, and French, we are learning Chinese, Arabic and British Sign Language.

Juan is a writer and researcher. He has a background in history and political sciences and is passionate about languages and believes it is never too late to start learning. He is interested in anecdotes of his family’s past to understand his present and is currently writing two books. A nostalgic at heart, he is interested in exploring our relationship to time, space and the importance of constantly cultivating our imagination. Juan enjoys reading just about any kind of books, practices Aikido and likes playing Chess, though he is not very good at either of them. He enjoys drinking maté and is constantly looking for an excuse to play football.

Elona is a musician, researcher and catalyst for reflexion and change. She has an interdisciplinary background in human sciences and over six years’ experience working in academic research and consultancy in sustainability in practice and values-based evaluation. A soul without flags, Elona’s passion and strength revolves around the connection of food, people and place. An undeclared photographer, Elona loves cooking and is extremely good at it. She likes aerial circus (that’s hanging from a trapeze) and has recently started learning medical Qi Gong.

Elona and Juan in Ulan Ude, Siberia. June 2015