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Elona wrote this piece for Open Democracy ‘Transformation’ project series on care, 29 October 2019 – with thanks to the editors for the invitation to contribute, you can see the original publication on their website. In a re-converted industrial building in East London, a regular session of ‘Community Massage’ is taking place. A friend tells…

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Shanghai Qindaofu tricycle collector Shanghai Qindaofu tricycle collector

Lee la versión en español acá I watch in silence as the caretaker piles up cardboard on his three-wheeled bicycle cart. Methodically, one after another, he rips the tape off the boxes and flattens them against his chest with his bare hands. Guō Tāo is 50 years old, but looks much older. Perhaps it’s the…

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Welcome to Mongolia, our tracks Welcome to Mongolia, our tracks

Monday 15 June, 5 AM. Black birds. Small black birds swooping in and out of holes in the walls, through antennas, cables and metal structures that extend from the buildings. Below, dirt streets, potholes, overflowing bins, cars squeezed into the limited space. I raise my eyes and look at the compound; a calm and central…

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Admirando la cosecha transgénica' por Juanchila, julio de 2014 Admirando la cosecha transgénica' por Juanchila, julio de 2014

Juan had originally published this article on 5 July 2014 on the blog IdeasdePapel Ingredients:For the dough-2 cups of GM technology discourse (political, scientific, or both);-A handful of intensive agriculture crops;-50g of neoliberal world trade (make sure it contains secrete treaties extract);-Water; For the filling-1 vast region (or group of countries);-High doses of corruption;-2 or…

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Juan had originally written this book review while volunteering at The Runnymede Trust’ in London during the Summer of 2012 (the review was published on Runnymede’s quaterly bulleting in 2013 for its issue on Young People – Runnymede Bulletin, Spring 2013, Issue 373, page 24). Juan also published an earlier version of the article on…

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Juan had originally published this article on 12 July 2012 on the blog IdeasdePapel “Is it OK like this?” Amy asks me while she draws the curtains in. I say yes. “We should get started. They are all here and it’s already 6pm. Have you met everyone yet?” I nod, instinctively lifting my gaze to…

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