matéman, matépedia los camélidos de américa del sur
matéman, matépedia: los camélidos de América del Sur Juanchila, 2021.5.22
matéman, matépedia: South American camelids
matépedia entry reads: Vicugna and Lama are two genre of camelids – family of artiodactyla mammals – living in South America. Among them there is the Guanaco – lama guanicoe, from quechua wanaku. This sauvage animal, like its andean-chaqueño-patagonic relatives the Llama, Vicuña and Alpaca, tends to spit out whenever it feels threatened, harassed or annoyed, or simply to show superiority and desinterest for something.
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matéman, matépedia los camélidos de américa del sur

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