matéman the boulder problem Juanchila, 2020.07.25

homenaje a Alex Honnold y su increíble hazaña de escalada en solo del cerro 'to-to-kon oo-lah' (El Capitán) en el valle de Yosemite, California, EE.UU.
hommage to Alex Honnold and his incredible feat in free solo climbing of the to-to-kon oo-lah (El Capitán) hill, in Yosemite valley, California, USA @alexhonnold @honnoldfoundation #matéman #mateman #escaladaensolo #freesolo #escalada #climbing #theboulderproblem #ojotas #flipflops #yosemitenationalpark #elcapitán #to-to-kon oo-lah #yerbamate #matédrink

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matéman the boulder problem.2020.07.25 final

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